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My favorite person

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The anthropologists decided that this tribe was to remain “uncontacted”.

This is one of the best things iv seen today

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Her Minajesty

Nicki Minaj by Jeff Bark

Styled by Robbie Spencer

eff betty draper dgmagal

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I often scroll through people’s blogs just to see posts, (Yes I am the person who will like everything but never follow) and I’ve been seeing a lot of disrespectful things about Joan Rivers. Look. The woman was a bitch, she said awful things, was an awful person. Does this mean I’m going to…

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The Little Rascals 20th Anniversary Reunion

This makes me the happiest.

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Truth or Truth with Amy Schumer (x)

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so I heard Reboot is getting a reboot

Dot Matrix - owner of pretty much ever business in Mainframe 

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When we live in a world where you can access free content of naked consenting women in less than 5 seconds, why are people still invading the privacy of non-consenting women for nudes?

Hint: It has something to do with people feeling entitled to making any woman their personal porn, even if it violates or humiliates her in the process.

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I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.